Old Sea Pines Inn two nights *PREMIUM ITEM*


Value: $400

Two nights accommodation/best room available/full champagne breakfast at the romantic & old fashioned Old Sea Pines Inn privately located on 3.5 acres in lovely bay side Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The Old Sea Pines Inn was once the center of the 300 acre estate known as the Sea Pines School of Charm and Personality for Young Women. Founded in 1907 by the Rev. Thomas Bickford, it continued as a school until the 1970s. During most of its history, the school was directed and inspired by Faith Bickford. Her strong, dedicated spirit is well remembered by all who have experienced her. Since purchasing the property in 1977, we have received many former staff and students (the oldest from the class of 1917!). They have sat and shared their memories with us, and have helped us recreate a time, an atmosphere and style that we have tried to hold here for you to share. It was an idealistic, uncomplicated and unhurried time that allowed the schools residents to fully appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the Cape. It is our hope that the Inn we have established will allow you the same pleasures during your visit.