Ayurvedic Yoga consultation and introductory package donated by Janati Yoga


Value: $350

The Ayurvedic approach has many benefits. I have been studying Yoga & Ayurveda for many years increasing my health, energy and well-being using the tools I have learned. I can teach you what I know! In this time I have acquired powerful strategies to move into alignment with my Unique Rhythms, increasing my resilience, balance, and sense of well-being. The initial package that I offer is: 1 x Initial Ayurvedic consultation w Mona (2 hrs); 1 x Follow-up consultation w Mona (1 hr). During the initial consultation we will talk about your health goals and tons about what you do, how you do it, and how thats going (including your poop!). We can do the initial consultation in person, on the phone, or via skype – what ever works! After the initial consultation I will email you a list of recommendations to explore, then you will go home and try them! About 4 weeks into trying out the recommendations, we will reconnect for a follow-up so I can answer any questions, concerns or doubts, and we can refine or amend what you are doing to keep you moving in the direction of optimal health and wellness!