Beautiful Indian Serapi rug donated by Kingston Royal Rugs


Value: $320

Beautiful Indian Serapi rug has 100% wool pile on a cotton foundation.It measures 2’1” by 3’1”. A beautiful addition to your home. Drop by the store and see the beautiful rug on display until the auction. Royal Antique Rugs is a century-old business, started and currently owned by the Bakhshi family. We specialize in the buying, selling, cleaning and restoring of antique Oriental rugs, tapestries, aubusson or other hand-made woven items. Originally founded in Tehran, we relocated our headquarters to, and have been serving the greater Toronto area since 1996. Our mandate is to buy and sell rare and distinctive antique rugs from all regions of the world while providing superior restoration and cleaning using traditional techniques. Our stores include Kingston Royal Rugs at 214 Princess St, just steps from the Grand Theatre. We offer free pickup and delivery.