Rust Check Gold Service treatment donated by Rust Check Kingston


Value: $200.00

Gift certificate for one Gold Service treatment for one car or one light truck, penetrates in hollows, dripless on frame & wheel-wells, inhibitor in hollows & behind external trim & chrome. Can be redeemed only in Kingston. Includes a free mid year re-spray to wheel wells and exterior trim. Rust Check opened in Kingston in February 1984. With over 30 years of service we have rust proofed in excess of 100,000 vehicles and during this time have had no warranty claims due to any kind of product failure. From the managers to the technicians we focus on hiring the right type of individual. We look for certain qualities, one of them being attention to detail. We aim to do the job properly and treat each car as if it were our own. It is not about how many vehicles we can do. It’s about rust proofing each vehicle as if it were our own.