Ogio Silencer Camo golf bag donated by Zycom Technologies


Value: $270.00

Silencer technology features 14 individual compartments that allow for a variety of club configurations. Each compartment has a protective membrane at the top that centers and gently holds the club shaft. The compression fit bottom securely holds the club grip and keeps it from moving and spinning. Established in 1998, Zycom has evolved into one of the Canada’s premier technology solution providers with offices servicing Brockville, Belleville, Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and South-Western Ontario. Zycom delivers first rate IT solutions across multiple markets. Our customers span the entire sector from Healthcare, Education, all levels of Government, Department of National Defense, Enterprise and SMB’s. We provide a full range of products and professional services across our four practice area specializations in Data Centre, Network & Security, Storage and Virtualization and Cloud.