bmw mens hoodie jacket

BMW Men’s Jacket, Ladies’ T-Shirt and Computer Mouse

bmw sports car computer mouse

Value: $200

BMW has donated a men’s performance long sleeve hoodie (large size), a ladies’ sports t-shirt (large), and a BMW i8 concept replica computer mouse. A great package for a BMW owner or simply a fan of the BMW brand. The rich heritage of Kingston meets the famous legacy of BMW for a first-rate experience at BMW Kingston. Though new to the landscape of Kingston, they offer fresh eyes and a crisp take on the automobile culture. Their modern philosophy rings true in their up-to-date facility, keeping things moving, growing and looking sharp. They take the BMW concierge-like service very seriously and set the standards incredibly high so that you know you’re getting the quality service you deserve. As the only BMW dealer in Kingston, they strive to bring you what you want and what you need. BMW Kingston doesn’t just want to meet your expectations when you come to visit; but for their wonderful service standards to go above and beyond your expectations.